LISD coaches comment on playoff bids

Just a few weeks from the playoffs starting up, LISD teams are making their final run towards a playoff bid. Here's what the coaches had to say this week at Thursday's luncheon:

Todd Pearson, Monterey High - 4-4(2-1) Can clinch playoff berth with win vs SA Central(6-2) or Coronado(0-8) win vs Lubbock High(0-8):

"I just don't feel like we were the Monterey Plainsmen on the field last week. I felt like we have so much more to offer as a team and to our community, and I feel like we're regrouped...and we're going to get after it and get back in the mix again."

"The playoffs are really something people look ahead to too early. We've got a one game deal right here, we're looking at San Angelo and that's as far as we're looking. Right now, I think it's premature to even talk about that."

Danny Servance, Estacado High - 6-2(3-0) Can clinch playoff berth with win vs Levelland(1-7) Thursday, tied for 1st in district with Cooper(5-3):

"We're trying to stay consistent with what we've done in district up to this point, and we're just trying to get better at this juncture of the season. We really want our kids to come out and continue playing well."

"We've got a lot to play for, so it's not like we don't have a lot of motivation. Our kids know that all of their energy and attention needs to be on Levelland. It's senior night for our we have a lot to play for."

Jason Strunk, Lubbock High - 0-8(0-3) Can stay alive for playoff spot with win vs Coronado(0-8):

"I never would've predicted [starting 0-8]. Ya know, our first win is going to come down to playing each other. Both of us want to win, but at the end of the game there will be a handshake and a 'congrats.'"

"0-8 to makes it look like, 'hey this was a great year, what a roller coaster ride!'...two wins will get us where we hope to be, we may need a little help but we'll see what happens. We want to beat Coronado and get the first one Friday night and see where the rest of the year takes us."

Kent Jackson, Coronado High - 0-8(0-3) Can stay alive for playoff spot with win vs Lubbock High(0-8):

"To be coming in to this game, both of us looking for our first win I don't think any of us would've believed that. Just for that reason alone, I know it means a lot to both these groups of kids to be able to have an opportunity to play."

"Any time you have hope, that's the biggest deal. We just want an opportunity to still be in to have that opportunity in front of us is still something that has given us hope this week."

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