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Gym Memberships On the Rise In the New Year

January 2004, a time to promise yourself that this is the year you are going to get in shape.

"I came out here today cause I need to tone up some stomach. Cause I had a baby and I need to let go of some of this baby fat", Merridth Courtney, a first time member at Bodyworks said.

Merridth Courtney is one of more than a thousand in Lubbock alone, that will join a gym this month.

"This is our busiest time of year with new years resolutions and people feeling a little bit heavier after the holidays January 1st comes along and they want to get into better shape, lose some weight. So it's a good time of year for us," said Bodyworks owner Michael Nelson.

On average, only 20% of people that join a gym in January, will still be using their membership six months from now. So that poses a challenge to the gym staff, to set up a program with fast results to keep their members interested.

"The biggest thing is to help each person individually to get set up on a program. Because people will stick with it as they see results. So the faster they see results, the longer they'll stick with it. We have to find out individually what each person is wanting to accomplish and what works for them," said Ty Cobb, General Manager at Gold's Gym.

NC11 asked, 'A lot of people join gyms at the first of the year as a New Years resolution to get in shape, are you planning on sticking this out?' "I ain't gonna say yeah but maybe, if I get into a groove I probably will," said Merridth Courtney.

And managers at both Gold's Gym and Bodyworks say that's their help people find their groove and live a healthier lifestyle.

Most local gyms are offering special rates right now for new members, so if you made a resolution to get in shape, they say your chances of keeping that resolution is greater the sooner you start.

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