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Wold murder-for-hire trial could wrap up soon


The murder-for-hire jury trial of a former Lubbock resident could wrap up this week.  According to the NBC television affiliate for Milwaukee Wisconsin, prosecutors will call their last witness back to the stand on Monday.  TMJ 4 also says, "The defense is expected to only produce a handful of witnesses."

Darren Wold, 43, was originally from Wisconsin and moved to Lubbock in 2009.  Court records say he had a custody dispute with the mother of his son, Kimberly Smith.  She was found stabbed to death in her Oconomowoc, Wisconsin home.  Lubbock police arrested Wold in mid-November 2009 and held him for Wisconsin officials. 

The man who admits to Smith's murder testified against Wold and his friend Jack Johnson, who was living in Mexico.  Court records says Wold got help from Johnson in hiring a California hit man to kill Smith.

Wisconsin detectives have testified that text messages from Wold to Smith were threatening.  There was also testimony from Lubbock residents that Wold would talk to his coworkers about killing Smith, although most did not take such talk seriously until after Smith's murder.

Monday marks two weeks since the trial began.

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