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Proposed Water Ordinance Could Dry Up Sprinkler Run Off Problems

Freezing temperatures continue to grip the South Plains, and even though the moisture level is low, icy spots keep popping up on Lubbock streets. The problem? Sprinkler run off. And the solution could come as soon as Thursday.

A new water ordinance is aimed at addressing the water shortage issue here in Lubbock. Here's how it works: you would be breaking the law if you are caught watering your lawn between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., during daylight savings time, which is in the summer months. Also if the temperature is below 35 degrees, no watering is allowed.

Another important thing to note about this ordinance is run-off. If your sprinkler water runs 75 feet past the yard, which is four or five houses down, the owner of the house would be breaking the law. As far as businesses go: all businesses in town would be required to purchase freeze indicators and rain indicators so their sprinklers will automatically shut off in freezing temperatures and when it's raining.

So why now? "The time has come in Lubbock that we can no longer take the attitude of, I bought that water and if I want to dump it in the street that's my business. Because it's all of our business. And we can no longer afford just to waste it," said City Councilman Tom Martin.

Violating the ordinance would be considered a Class C misdemeanor and would be punishable with fines up to $2,000. The water ordinance will be voted on at the council meeting on Thursday.

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