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The Igia Fashion Wrap: Does It Work?

This weeks product is called the Igia Fashion Wrap. It's supposed to make cool and funky fashionable wraps. And it only cost 15 bucks. "Have you ever had anything done like that to your hair?" asked NewsChannel 11. "Yes. On cruises," said Jennifer Pierce, our 19-year-old tester.

She has medium length hair which is perfect for the test. The Fashion Wrap worked by moving in a circular direction, weaving in string to the piece of hair selected. It's battery powered.

Now we just have to load her up with the thread, if we could figure it out. The instructions weren't helping any. One of the three spools tangled. Things weren't starting off right. But finally we got it working. "Lock and load," said Jennifer.

Next, the instructions say to pick a strand of hair and wet it using water. "I have to feed her hair through this hole and through the device," said NC11.

"So, what I'm going to do is take this threader thing and grab your hair and pull it through. How in the world!" Well, I got it through.

"OK, it's close to your head. I'm going to turn it on low," said NC11. "Much appreciated!" said Jennifer. "Scream if it hurts!" "Gotcha," she said.

Within in seconds of using it, the Fashion Wrap fell apart. String fell everywhere, the cap popped off! Poor Jennifer! "My hair is stuck and it's pulling on my head!"

We tried it again and were successful a second time. It evenly wrapped the hair, some spots were a little uncovered. But it did look better than our first attempt! Jennifer checks it out to see if she likes it. She does. But she didn't like the device itself. "Too complicated!"

We really had a tough time working this product. A child would definitely have a tough time. Don't buy it, it doesn't work.

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