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Consider This...Local Democracy at Work

Kudos to the Lubbock City Council for going against staff recommendation and deciding to keep the city Health Department intact.

It seemed almost certain a decision to close clinics and services was being pushed through. That is, until one thing happened:  the citizens of Lubbock got involved, spoke up, and effectively change the direction of that process .

I applaud the efforts of the volunteer members of the Health Board who fought long and hard to make a case to not only City Council but to other citizens. Citizens who, as a whole, ultimately agreed that these services shouldn't be cut.  I also like the creative thinking from Councilman Jim Gilbreath to partner with other entities and combine resources going forward.

Consider this:

Whether you agree or disagree to shut down the building, lay off positions, or outsource the entire Health Department, the point here is this;  the system worked in this case. The officials wanted to do something and the politicians were willing to rubber stamp it. The people who elect the politicians organized and spoke out against it. And ultimately, the politicians listened and backed off.

That's democracy at work and a testimony to the power we all have as taxpaying and voting citizens. It's also proof that we have the power not only to choose our representatives, but also guide their decisions along the way.

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