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Consumer group complains about Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

"Baby's Tub is Still Toxic."  That's the name of a new report from a consumer group that is complaining about Johnson and Johnson's iconic baby shampoo. The group says it warned the company two years ago that it needed to remove two carcinogens from the formula.  

Today, they're still there.  The founder of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics says the real kicker here is that Johnson and Johnson sells the same shampoo free of those chemicals in more than a dozen countries, but the United States isn't one of them.

Stacy Malkan from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics said, "It's an absolutely unacceptable double standard that they're using formaldehyde chemicals in the United States and Canada.  They already have non formaldehyde alternatives that seem to be working perfectly fine in several other countries."

The two carcinogens are a formaldehyde releasing chemical called Quaternium 15 and 1.4 Dioxane. Both are potent allergens that can trigger rashes and other skin problems, including eczema.

Johnson and Johnson has released a statement saying, in part, it is gradually phasing these chemicals out of its baby products, but that the "formaldehyde-releasing preservatives are safe and approved in the United States and other countries."

Johnson and Johnson said it has launched a new natural version of their baby shampoo.  So, if you're concerned, you might toss the original stuff and look for the newer version.

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