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New study concerning women and wine

At first, we hesitated even mentioning this study because it sounds so conflicting, but it is the result of nearly 30 year's worth of data on more than a hundred thousand women.

Researchers at Brigham and Women's hospital say this study has shown them that even though a glass of wine in moderation is considered heart healthy.  For women, as few as three glasses a week can raise the risk for breast cancer.  The lead researcher, Dr. Wendy Chen, says the link may be alcohol's effect on estrogen, a female hormone.

So what are the guidelines for women and wine? Experts agree that the bottom line is talk to your doctor, and consider your own family history.

Dr. Chen said, "For any individual woman, that decision may be different depending on her own family history and other risk factors that she has for breast cancer and heart disease."

The study includes research from Harvard. It's published in the current journal of the "American Medical Association."

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