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Outrage at City Hall

Some Lubbock Hispanic citizens continue to fire racist accusations toward the city council regarding the city manager search. Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal cited a pending sex discrimination settlement as the reason former interim City Manager Tommy Gonzalez wasn't hired. Despite the mayor's attempt this week to end the rumors that race was involved, some Hispanic citizens say they don't believe that.

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"Over the past several weeks, I've felt several different emotions. But I'm outraged right now. How dare you come in here and say we haven't given Tommy Gonzalez a chance. There were four of us..." Councilman Frank Morrison's comment turned city chambers inside out. More than one hundred people disgruntled over the city manager search. 11 of them let that be known. "All of these people are here because they are angry, because they recognize they recognize racism when they see it because we've been there. So don't keep telling us it was racist give us the real reason." Emilio Abyeta

Hispanic Agenda Facilitator Tavita Dorow is one of the many Hispanic citizens upset over the city manager search process. And she's encouraging those who are upset to take a stand... Dorow says in the next couple of weeks, they will aggressively register as many Hispanic voters for the upcoming spring elections.

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Four city council seats are up for election. Frank Morrison's, Jim Gilbreath, who's finishing out former Councilman Ty Cooke's term, TJ Patterson, and the mayoral seat.

Not everyone was bitter at Thursday's city council meeting. At least one person publicly spoke about the council moving forward to restore the confidence in the community.

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