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Teacher You Can Count On: Jamie Halliburton

Kayla Burgoon knows why Ms. Jamie Halliburton is different than most other teachers.

"Some teachers, they'll just make you write like about this topic and do this, but Ms. Halliburton, she lets us kind of express ourselves," says Kayla, a student at Nat Williams Elementary School in Lubbock.

Her biggest tool in the classroom is using things her kids are interested in.

"There are things... I mean, I could sit here all day and teach things that I was interested in, but they would be bored," says Jamie. "I take my lessons based on what they want. And they're more apt to write longer, more in-depth, and more meaningful writings."

She never uses the same lessons from year to year. In fact, she collaborates with other teachers to make English class a fascinating place.

"Different subjects all go together and they need to realize the connection between all things," says Jamie. "So, they'll be doing something in math, and they'll say, 'Why do I need to know this?' and they take that math lesson and do the same thing in science. And they'll see, 'Oh, wait we just learned this with Ms. Nelson in math,' and they get real excited when they see it in two different areas."

And by tying in all subjects and letting her students write what moves them, the kids learn to appreciate writing as a whole.

"They're learning to love writing as a form of expression," she says. "Rather than as something that they have to do."

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