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Digital drugs causing concerns in teens

This sounds like science fiction, but websites are selling sonic drugs or digital drugs.  It's also known as iDosing.  The claim is that by just listening to specific frequencies, those sounds can give you the same effect as if you were actually using opium, cocaine, or marijuana.

YouTube videos show teens twitching and screaming from the sonic drugs. It's not music, but two different frequencies played into each ear at the same time.  Some worry that sonic drugs may pave the way for users to move on to the real thing, but there are even bigger concerns.  

Dr. Daniel Amen said, "Your theta which is more associated with seizure activity goes up, and that can be troubling."  

Dr. Amen stresses that every person will respond differently.  This is not as safe as just putting on a set of headphones.  He says it can be especially dangerous for kids because the brain is not fully developed.

We still don't know how these frequencies might affect or even change brain function.

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