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Eastside Development in Lubbock

Lubbock Councilman, T.J. Patterson feels East Lubbock is a road less traveled by businesses. But he says that's going to change. "We're persistent to prove the areas is worth it. We're not going to quit," said the Councilman on Friday.

Patterson says he can see that vision far down the road in his district. He's standing on one on fifth street and the Idalou highway. A new restaurant will open on this land in the spring. Patterson says this is East Lubbock's sixth newest business to open in approximately two years. And he wants to keep that economic momentum growing. So does Lubbock's Mayor Marc McDougal. "Over the course of the next two years, we'll see a lot of new things in North and East Lubbock."

Before all the recent attacks of racism, McDougal says he and the rest of the council have held a commitment to make East Lubbock a prosperous place. A place were diversity is a commonplace. "With all the hurdles we've come over, with all the alleged accusations, we're going to be like eagles," said Patterson.

"With each new business opening and if they're successful, we'll bring another one and then another one. Then home ownership is another big thing you're going to see us pushing in that area," said McDougal.

Finally consistent signs economic development is going strong in East Lubbock. Patterson says all the community wants now are places to shop and more restaurants. The Mayor says that will eventually happen.

New development in East Lubbock is part of the city's massive North and East development plan. The Mayor says two years ago, the city secured funding sources to help attract businesses and developers to those areas.

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