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Your Backstage Pass to Seussical The Musical

Seussical The Musical made it's stop in the Hub City to dazzle Dr. Seuss fans of all ages with this musical adaptation of his many whimsical characters and stories. But what goes on backstage may prove to be more intense than what the audience may experience. NewsChannel 11 went backstage to take a peak at what brings together this elaborate show.

Audiences of Seussical The Musical may be surprised at what they don't get to experience: what goes on backstage to make the production a success.

"The show back here is more entertaining then the show that's happening out there," says Jamey Jennings, company manager for Seussical.

He explains that it takes the entire 40 member cast and crew to make the show come together. "If you take any one element out of the equation it doesn't work, there is not one more important then the other and everybody must rely equally on each other for the show to happen on a nightly basis," he said.

Props and set pieces are placed on both sides of the stage so that actors can easily grab them on cue. "These are part of the finale of the show, everybody has a platter of actual real life green eggs and ham that they dance with for the finale of the show which is green eggs and ham," said Jamey.

The most colorful elements that help bring the show to life are the costumes. With just the change of a costume an actor becomes a completely new character. Some of the fastest quick changes that occur are when 14 actors transform themselves into different characters by changing into different in just 30 seconds.

And costume crews work endless hours to ensure that each costume and wig stay fresh for the next performance. "I believe we have 34 different wigs that go on 11 women," said Jamey. Besides costumes, actors also wear tiny microphones. "They are very small, the actors wear them underneath their costumes and these little head pieces slip behind their head and make them almost invisible to the audience," he explained.

But the show isn't complete without a few surprises and all of the effort pays off when the curtain goes up. "It's a lot of fun and it takes a lot of energy, and hard work to make the show that the audience sees work," said Jamey

The traveling musical will make its next stop in El Paso and will visit various cities across the U.S. Through March. The next musical to hit Lubbock will be Grease with special guest star Frankie Avalon. For more information on Seussical the Musical, (click here).

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