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Help your plants survive the Texas drought

LUBBOCK, TC (KCBD) - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has launched a new website to help conserve water and help us "survive" the drought. Dusty earth and dried up plants is what most of the south plains looks like in the midst of this drought. Meteorologists say the end won't come anytime soon, so Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has created a virtual survival kit to help you cope with mother-nature.

"We are experiencing our worst one year drought on record, not only in this part of West Texas but in the entire state of Texas has been impacted" Ron McQueen, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service says He adds that we're heading for our second la Niña winter in a row, "what that means for us is that we will have a greater likelihood of having a warmer and dryer winter season" McQueen says.

Survival guide number one: saving your dying front lawn. "You don't have to make it all rocks and stone, you can actually have grass, you can have plants or trees that are more native to West Texas and that will help you conserve water" KCBD NewsChannel 11's Chief Meteorologist John Robison says. "Some of the trees I believe are good in the area are called Chinese Mulberry believe it or not. It's supposed to be drought resistant and can handle the lack of water and last for many years" he says.

As grass across the south plains dies, wildlife heads to places like the Hub City in search of food and water. "There are also cases of I think more rats and other wild animals and varmints as we would call them are trying to make their way into the city because there's less vegetation on the ground, some areas of the state are seeing more snakes come towards the city for food" Robison says. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's website recommends only observing them from a safe distance.

"It will take quite some time before we fully understand just what drove this year to be so bad, we don't know the answer yet" McQueen says.

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