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Neighbors help stop south Lubbock burglary

A Lubbock man faces two felony charges after police say neighbors worked together to stop him from getting away with burglary.

Police say the man was taking items from Roxanne Montes' home when her mother Josie, who lives nearby, confronted the man in the alley.

The incident took place in the 1900 block of 69th street around 10:30 Monday morning.

Richard Flores, 32, remains hospitalized after he apparently broke an ankle while trying to escape from police. Police say he'll be charged with burglary and evading arrest.

Flores' getaway car had a television, video games, and clothes in it, but Flores never got away.

Instead, he ended up in handcuffs on the pavement.

Flores was taken from the scene in an ambulance so he could receive treatment for his ankle injuries.

Josie Montes says she saw Flores knocking on her daughter Roxanne's door on the way home from the pharmacy. She also noticed a strange SUV parked out front.

Roxanne was at her mother Josie's house just three doors down, so Josie asked her daughter about the strange visitor.

"She looked at him when he was already driving off and she said, 'Mom I don't know him,'" Josie Montes said.

Roxanne called police when she saw the vehicle circle around the back of her home in the alley while Josie went to confront the man.

"I saw the man coming out with some stuff and I said hey what are you doing?" Josie said. 

The man claimed to be moving, then put he put all the items in his car and drove off.

Lubbock Police were already searching the neighborhood. After a brief chase, Josie says she saw Flores jump from his moving car.

"He jumped out of the car and the car was coming by itself. It came all the way through here in the 1900 block," Josie said.

With no one steering the moving vehicle, Josie's grandson Michael Perez and a neighbor came to the rescue.

"Michael got in there and stopped the car," Josie said.

Michael insisted he was just acting out of instinct.

"The car came behind the stop sign and I just jumped in and I stopped it that was it," he said.

Roxanne recovered all her property. Josie says she hopes her neighbors will continue to watch out for one another, whether they're family or not.

Perez praised his grandmother for jumping into action.

"My grandma (Josie) is always nosey but I guess it paid off today," Perez said.

As of late Monday night, Flores was in satisfactory condition at UMC.

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