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Texas voters show support for veterans, student loans


4,400 Lubbock County voters turned out Tuesday to vote on 10 amendments to the state constitution, exceeding the expectations of local officials.

Lubbock County voters gave their approval to Propositions 1, 2, 5, 9 and 10.

Texas Constitutional Amendment Referendum

Results from the Texas constitutional amendment referendum with 99.95% of precincts reporting and an average 5.3% turnout:

Proposition 1: Allows the surviving spouse of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran to keep a property tax exemption on her or his home. PASSED 83-17

Proposition 2: Allows the Texas Water Development Board to borrow as much as $6 billion. PASSED 52-48

Proposition 3: Allows the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to borrow money in order to provide student loans. PASSED 55-45

Proposition 4: Allows a county to issue bonds to finance development or redevelopment of unproductive, underdeveloped, or blighted areas. FAILED 40-60

Proposition 5: Allow cities and counties to have interlocal agreements with each other without having to assess an additional tax or set aside a specified amount of money for the costs of the interlocal contract. PASSED 58-42

Proposition 6: Allows the General Land Office to distribute from the principal of the permanent school fund for public education. PASSED 52-48

Proposition 7: Adds El Paso County to the list of counties authorized to create conservation and reclamation districts to develop parks and recreational facilities financed by taxes. FAILED 48-52

Proposition 8: Allows for special property tax rules on land that is set aside for water conservation. FAILED 47-53

Proposition 9: Authorizes the governor, on the written recommendation and advice of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, to grant a pardon, reprieve, or commutation of punishment to a person who successfully completes a term of deferred adjudication community supervision. PASSED 57-43

Proposition 10: Amends the constitution by extending the length of the unexpired term that causes the automatic resignation of certain local elected officeholders if they announce candidacy or become candidates for another office from one year to one year and 30 days. PASSED 56-44

The Texas Secretary of State's office has full results on their official site.

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