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Two Incumbents Face Off for District 19

If the history of incumbency proves anything, Republican Randy Neugebauer and Democrat Charlie Stenholm would be considered the front runners in the upcoming 19th Congressional race. But the question now is, who will win it?

Both men are Texas Tech graduates, both men currently serve on the House Agriculture Committee.

"Having 26 years experience, being the high ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, I don't care who you are, you can't replace 26 years experience in 1 year," said Stenholm at a Tuesday news conference.

Neugebauer says he's going to lead a strong campaign. The same campaign that won him the office last May. "We're not going to change anything. We'll still travel around and work hard, and show the people we'll work hard for every district," said Neugebauer.

Touching on the issues, both men are concerned with agriculture, health care and social security. "Insuring financial security of our folks, making sure everyone has available to affordable health care, making sure to reform social security in a way that we can sustain that on a long term," said Neugebauer.

"We've got some real problems with health care. The future of our country, the fiscal deficit, the trade deficit, and the fact that the baby boomers will begin to retire in 2011. That's a major problem and we have solutions that we want to share with you," said Stenholm.

Stenholm has previously been congressman for District 17, which included Abilene. Since the Congressional lines were redrawn, District 19 puts Lubbock and Abilene together, so each candidate is faced with new challenges.

Regardless, both men are ready to tackle all 27 counties in District 19.

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