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Grandmother, grandson killed in trailer fire


There will be a candle light vigil Friday night for a grandmother and her great-grandson killed Thursday in an early morning trailer fire.

The vigil for Florence and Tanner McGuire will be held at Crescent Park in Littlefield, starting at 8 p.m. The vigil is open to the public.

The Littlefield Fire Department responded to the fire at 1:17 a.m. at 110 N. Wicker in Littlefield. By the time they arrived the trailer was completely engulfed. It took them nearly four hours to get the fire out. Fire investigators say the cause of the fire was electrical.

Reva Florence, 74, and Tanner McGuire, 2, could not escape and were killed in the fire.

The family tells NewsChannel 11 that a family member living next door, Karen Florence, tried to get her loved ones out, but the fire had already spread throughout the trailer.

Family members are struggling to cope with this sudden loss.

"I got a call from my aunt. All I could hear was I need to get a hold of Crystal, she has to come up here. She told me that the house was on fire and she didn't know if they were alive. I immediately jumped in my car and I was gone," Crystal McGuire said.

McGuire says her son, Tanner was living with her grandmother, Reva until she could get back on her feet. The last time she saw him was Tuesday.

"He had a dentist appointment, his first dentist appointment. He was just happy as could be," McGuire said.

Two days later, her grandmother's trailer has been destroyed. All that's left are melted toys, broken windows and charred carpet.

"I saw the end of the trailer, which was her bedroom where they were at. There was an air-conditioning and heating unit in the middle. It looked like that's what caught fire," McGuire said.

Christopher Pedroza says reality set in when, "the fire department came out and said we found the bodies."

That's when the tears fell. Pedroza says Karen wishes she could have done more. "I feel bad she thinks it's her fault - it's not. She loved them and she wouldn't let that happen."

Family members are sharing memories of their two loved one whose lives were cut short by a horrific tragedy.

McGuire talked about her son, "[Tanner] was a fun outgoing little boy. He loved everyone and everything. He just learned to say his name," Pedroza said. "[Reva] was a tough cookie - don't get me wrong, she was a great person. She always cared about everyone."

Neither of the fire victims had life insurance. The family has set up a memorial fund that will accept donations at any Wells Fargo location. You can make a donation in either Tanner McGuire or Reva Florence's name.

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