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The Powermate: Does It Work?

It could happen to you. What if you find yourself stuck inside your vehicle with no way of getting out? Then what? Maybe the Coleman Powermate Emergency Hammer could save your life. For $20, it will easily shatter glass, quickly cut through a seat belt and has a built in flashlight. But Does It Work?

Burgess Auto Salvage Manager, Scott Buckelew can tell you he's been stuck before. "What did you do in that circumstance?" NewsChannel 11 asked him. "Besides cussed about it? I really didn't know what to do when I was stuck in the vehicle," he said.

He has plenty of cars to use for our test. But first let's evaluate the steel tip, which is supposed to easily shatter glass. "It feels like you have to put some power in it in order to break it. But the point will be helpful breaking the glass," said Scott.

I'm ready to start tearing things up! First, the seat belt cutter. It took Scott seconds to tear it off of him. "It worked pretty good," he said.

Now, the flashlight. It works well, if you needed light for an emergency.

Finally, the hammer that's supposed to easily shatter glass. Two hits and it breaks. "How much power did you put behind that second hit?" NC11 asked. "Quite a bit behind it to get it to break," said Scott.

But beware! You must be careful when shattering the glass, Scott cut himself.

"It would be handy to have for an accident if you needed something like this to get out," said Scott. He approved of the product.

This is one Powermate everyone should mount in their vehicle. Because it works!

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