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Placenta pills to cure post-partum depression

This sounds unbelievable, but in an effort to reduce the risk of post-partum depression, some women are taking pills made from their own placenta after they give birth. They claim that putting these nutrients back into their body helps women overcome the sadness and mood swings after childbirth birth.

Many women are getting instructions for this on the internet after getting their placenta from the hospital where they give birth. Psychiatrist Deborah Kim says women, who turn to placenta pills for depression instead of seeking medical treatment, are taking a big risk.

"The worst possible outcome of postpartum depression is suicide. You might not bond with your child appropriately, and so it's really playing with fire."

Dr. Kim says there are no scientific studies supporting any of the placenta consumption claims, but there are drug-free treatments for postpartum depression that are scientifically proven to work as well as medications and talk therapy.

If you're a new mother who feels depressed, call your doctor right away.

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