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Lubbock Teen's Pride Injured in Rollover

His Ford Ranger was upside down, forcing 17-year-old Mason Slater to be straight up with his mother. "Concerned," he said, describing her reaction. "In 10 minutes it'll be furious, but right now its concerned, thankful that I'm still alive," he said.

He was teaching a friend to drive a stick shift when the teenager in him took over. "I said I was going to show off, did like a half donut and it rolled once on top," he said.

No one was hurt, except the truck. A banner above the shattered windshield reads, 'Here comes the money'. "If it is coming then that would be fixed in 2 days, but it ain't comin'," he lamented.

Mason will be bumming rides for a while, while he ponders a lesson learned, "Don't play around," and thanks his lucky stars, "Somebody's watching me, I don't know who," he smiled.

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