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Milk Thistle vs. Prostate Cancer

An herb best known for it's liver cleansing effects is under study now as a possible weapon in the fight against prostate cancer...The herb is called milk thistle.

"We were recently awarded a five year grant by the national cancer institute to investigate these newly isolated compounds from milk thistle to determine whether we have on the herbal medicine shelf a new treatment for prostate cancer by taking the best of those compounds and improving upon them," said herbal researcher, David Kroll, Ph.D.

The NCI says along with some indication that it may fight prostate cancer, lab studies have shown the herbal compounds in milk thistle can help stop the growth of skin cancer and breast cancer cells, but a lot more study is needed.

According to Rana P. Singh of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, "The milk thistle compounds aren't ready for human testing, but there are studies underway testing the supplements as a way to prevent prostate cancer in men."

Prostate cancer is the second-most-common cancer killer among men, according to the American Cancer Society. Lung cancer is the #1 cause of men's cancer deaths. More than 200,000 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. If caught early and removed with surgery and radiation, the disease is highly curable.

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