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National Rural Health Day

In these hard economic times, people need to be reminded of the wonderful services available in rural communities and of the dedicated professionals working to provide them.  

People across the country need to hear from us about the power of rural.  National Rural Health Day was conceived as an opportunity to let people know the following:

·      Rural communities are a wonderful place to live and work.

·      Surprising things are happening in rural America/Texas.

·      Being a rural healthcare provider offers tremendous opportunities.

·      Health care in rural America/Texas is unique.

Dr.  Billy Phillips, Vice President for Rural and Health Community, said, "We know that in West Texas, in our 108 counties, that we provide the food, the fiber, and the fuel for the remainder of Texas and beyond."

Medical students and mid-career professionals looking for a place to practice need to know about the opportunities only rural practices can provide.  Rural health providers need to know about the assistance available to them through partnerships with Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) and Regional Extension Centers (RECs), as well as university and community college training centers.  Policy makers need to understand the power and unique circumstances under which wonderful, dedicated people work to provide quality care to their communities, even to the remote areas through the power of telemedicine.

Dr. Phillips: "It's an excellent way to bridge the distances people would otherwise have to drive in order to see a physician and have the health care they need."

TTUHSC is home to the F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health, and has announced a new director for the West Texas AHEC. The West Texas HITREC has also named several physician champions in our region who are helping make the transition to medical records simpler for rural health care providers.

And with the help of regional physician champions, the F. Marie Hall Institute hopes to make these a thing of the past. Today's health care providers can talk to one another electronically through our electronic health records. For the TTUHSC, I'm Dr. Tedd Mitchell and this is the President's Prescription.

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