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Wet Weather Proves Dangerous for Lubbock Drivers

"I heard the noise. It sounded like he hit something. I didn't know what it was. I thought he hit somebody else and I walk outside I saw I had no fence at all," says Thomas Lopez who is trying to pick up the pieces after the driver of a Honda Passport lost control and hit a utility pole. That pole splintered and fell taking Lopez's fence down with it. Fortunately there were no serious injuries in this accident but police remind drivers to slow down in wet weather.

"Unfortunately with a light rain like this what happens is there's not enough velocity in the rain as it falls to wash the streets clean so it mingles with the dirt and oil on the surface of the roadway and it's almost like driving on ice," says Lubbock Police Sgt. Ronnie Sowell.

A lesson, a 16-year-old driver learned the hard way. Both rain and inexperience are being blamed for a rollover just before 7 a.m. Police say it was the first time the driver had driven under rainy conditions. She apparently hit a slick spot before losing control and skidding in to a fence at 30th and University. The vehicle then rolled on its side. Fortunately the driver suffered only minor injuries.

An hour later, a Dodge pickup struck a Lincoln from behind on Highway 62/82. The truck then hit a tree. The jaws of life were called to remove the driver from the pickup. Aerocare then took 26-year-old Vincent Gonzalez to Covenant Medical Center with serious injuries. No one in the Lincoln was injured.

Drizzle will continue to fall across the city throughout the day, so slow down and watch out for slick streets. The good news is that the temperature is only expected to drop to the mid-forties this evening, so drivers won't have to worry about those wet roads turning into ice overnight.

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