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Controversial Tech shirt gone before it gets going


Production of a controversial t-shirt in Lubbock has been halted before it ever really began. 

Campus Design owner Alan Berger says he was approached by fans.  "After the OSU game I was getting phone calls and emails explaining their displeasure.  Same thing on Facebook," Berger says. 

Just in case you live under a rock and you haven't heard yet, Tech got blasted by OSU on Saturday by a final score of 66 to 6. 

"Tongue and cheek I said, 'Let's bring back Leach.'"

Berger explains, "I was thinking these people don't mean this.  They're mad they don't know how to express their frustration."

So, to prove his point he created a logo of a pirate skeleton with the caption "Bring Back Our Captain For 2012."

Berger says he got five orders for the shirt.

And yes he says it proved his point but it also brought him a negative backlash. 

"I'm reading emails," Berger says.  He quotes one as saying, "You're sickening me."

"With all these negative comments, I have pulled it off Facebook and pulled it off the web.  It ain't gonna happen."

So if it had been popular, would Berger have gone forward?  "That's a great question," Berger says.

"If 500 people wanted it, I probably would allow them to purchase it. But it would not have been my sentiment."

Berger goes on to say, "I am a fan of the university.  I'm a graduate.  This division of people wanting to get rid of Tuberville and bring back Leach is not good. People don't mean it.

He also says, "I think we all should be fans of Tech and support those who support the university."

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