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Lubbock Mayor Says Expect Continued Tax Relief in 2004

On Thursday Mayor McDougal gave his State of the City address to more than 500 people. The mayor pointed out that Lubbock's unemployment rate is 3% as opposed to the state's average of 6%. Lubbock's cost of living is the seventh lowest in the state.

Lubbock's also growing at a 1% rate, being the 11th largest Texas city and the 89th largest city in the U.S. The Mayor and the council are most proud of from 2003, reducing your property taxes by 2.43 cents. So did the people walk away impressed?

Lubbock Mayor's 2004 State of the City Address
Lubbock's Mayor Marc McDougal maintains tax relief will continue in 2004. He also shows where Lubbock stands against other Texas cities and the plan he has for this year.
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It's said a way to a man's heart, is through his stomach. This certainly might be the case. "I'm glad to be here today," said the Mayor.

More than 500 people came to the civic center banquet to hear Mayor Marc McDougal give his second state of the city address. The focus? The city's past and future. But were the people impressed by his upbeat speech?

"Was their anything in his speech that impressed you the most?" NewsChannel 11 asked. "I'd say the taxes more than anything and he said they want to work on that some more," said one man attending the banquet. "Us property owners love that part," said another.

They are talking about the Mayor and the city council's fight to lower your property taxes by 2.43 cents. This summer, city officials worked on the reduction in order to offset high property valuations.

"I think we've got a lot of good things coming. A lot of things in the works. Lubbock continues to be fantastic, economically," said one woman who attended.

We asked "How do you suppose 2004 will go for the city?" another woman. "Well, it's not always going to be any easy job for the city, but we have to stand behind our city councilman and Mayor," she said.

The Mayor says he and the council will continue to maintain Lubbock's strong economy, improve neighborhoods and quality of life. He ended by saying great things will come in 2004.

"He's a sincere Mayor, he's full of energy and that's what if takes to keep the public's spirits high in the town," said Republican State Representative, Delwin Jones.

For 2004, the Mayor says he and the council will focus on short and long term water needs, tax relief will still be a priority, maintain open government, hire more police and firefighters for public safety, and keep Lubbock an affordable place to live.

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