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Frequent Robberies a Way of Life in One Profession

Police are working so hard hunting down thieves, they didn't even have time to interview with KCBD Thursday. However, we did catch up with a couple of convenience store workers to find out how they cope with a sometimes dangerous job.

King's Food & Gas clerk, Norma Mojica says, when you're a convenience store clerk, you just accept it. She says, "If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen." It's out of clerks' control.

Convenience stores are often an easy target for thieves to steal some quick cash. Mojica says, "The best thing to do is just give them what they want." Her boss and store owner, Robert Ramirez agrees. He says, "If somebody comes in and wants to rob us, I just tell them to sit back, let them have what they want."

Police say that's the right thing to do and they also encourage victims to be good witnesses. They should take note of the criminal's characteristics and behaviors. At King's Food & Gas, workers take things a step further and prepare for the possibility of becoming a target. Ramirez says, "Be prepared. Make sure lights are on outside early before it gets dark... Make sure video cameras are working." Mojica adds, "We have three to four people working every shift so and it's a very little store and we don't carry that much money in the cash register."

So far, King's hasn't had a lot of bad luck with robberies and they think a busy store with lots of clientele coming and going helps. However, Ramirez knows they could always be next. He says, "I've seen it on the news. One is too many. We just hate to see it and we're just glad we haven't been one of them."

One more thing police suggest store owners do, lock up the store after a thief leaves. That prevents them from coming back in and preserves evidence. Also, if you're a customer and witness a crime, police ask that you please try to pay attention to as many details as possible. They often rely on you for information.

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