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Rains Welcome on South Plains

Rain has been a long time coming here on the South Plains and it has generated a lot of talk. NewsChannel 11 caught up with some Lubbock locals to find out if they appreciate this wet stuff or not. Their reactions range from thinking the rain is good to bad. They say things like:

"Let my hair get wet. I'll stand out here and get dripping wet. I don't care it just feels good."

"I don't like it, I really don't like it."

"We need it, but it's a little damp out here but I don't mind."

"Definitely bad, because look what we have to walk through. It's good for farmers, but not for us at all."

Whatever your opinion on recent rains, there's no denying the South Plains needed it. Steven Cobb of the National Weather Service says, "Since June of last year, we've only had 16% of our normal precipitation up to this point."

Now that skies have finally clouded over and given the South Plains a drink, it raises the question: could this be a turning point in a dry spell that has lasted for years? Cobb says, "Looking at the long range outlook, there's equal chance of it being either above or below normal precipitation through the summer."

It's fairly commonplace for storm systems to routinely pass across the southern states this time of year, but whether they'll bring moisture or just dust with them it's hard to say. This latest storm system comes to the South Plains by way of Mexico and luckily picked up moisture from the tropics. Cobb says, "It will actually take many events like this over a long period of time to see any noticeable effects."

Rains should continue off and on throughout the weekend so have your rain gear handy. Also, good news: there's another storm system heading our way after this one that should give us more rain to look forward to. The bad news is, because we were over ten inches below normal for precipitation last year, we'll need a significant amount of above normal precipitation this year to make up for it.

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