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Lubbockites React to Saturday's Snowy Conditions

We could possibly see temperatures dropping below the freezing mark Saturday evening making the roads a dangerous place for Lubbock drivers.

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The snow that we've had all day long has turned into slush, covering the streets in Lubbock. Take that, mixed with the dropping temperatures, and we could see some major traffic problems.

When the temperature gets to 32 degrees, the slush will freeze. NewsChannel 11 spoke with TX-DOT Public Infomration Officer Penny Mason, she says crews have spent most of the day plowing roads in the northwest portions of Lubbock.

Earlier on Saturday, folks on the South Plains and here in Lubbock woke up to what has now become 2004's first snow.

A rich blanket of snow covers the South Plains, bringing along rain and sleet causing a triple threat to the people of Lubbock, but some residents are pleased to see this winter weather.

"You gotta make the best of it right. It's Lubbock, Texas, how often do you get snow?" says Rex Anderson.

"I've never seen snow before. It's the first time, so it's kind of exciting," says Matthew Morales.

And he plans to make the most of his first snow experience.

"Until it starts getting really cold, until my hands start freezing over," says Matthew.

Some students take advantage of the weather to horse around, while others make snow balls to have some fun.

"Throwing them at your friends when they're not looking, that's probably the best thing," says Matthew Wynalda.

Other Lubbock residents spend their snowy day staying busy.

"I'm getting some groceries before it gets too cold," says Vanessa Parker. "I'm doing all my things early right now and be in before it gets too dark."

But this wintry mix won't stop Red Raider fans from seeing the game.

"Lady Raider game, can't miss it, rain, sleet or snow, we're there!" says Denise Strafford, Lady Raider fan.

Lubbock Police urge drivers to slow down and be extra cautious and be sure to leave plenty of room for stopping.

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