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Winemakers are pouring pot wine

Is medical marijuana used for medicinal purposes, or is it finding its way into social settings? The debate continues over the benefits of medical marijuana as it is legalized now in 16 states.

You've probably heard that cannabis cookies, brownies, and other foods are sold at medical marijuana dispensaries.  Now there's marijuana infused wine which often hides under nicknames like "green" or "tree" wine.

Herb Seidel, Cannabis Chef, said, "I particularly like Pinot Noirs. I would make my extracts with Pinot Noir."

Chef Herb has a medical marijuana card, and says he enjoys teaching other medical marijuana patients how to cook with marijuana. Already, his pot recipes are published in some magazines, and he even has his own set of cooking DVDs.

Gourmet live says winemakers are pouring pot wine at the end of winemaker dinners and VIP tours. It is illegal under federal law, unless everyone tasting the pot wine has a medical marijuana card.

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