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Family of murder suspect offers apology to victim's family

Bradley Crawford Bradley Crawford

Bradley Crawford, 18, lived with Kevin Lee Braddock, 48, when he told police he found him dead on their couch. On Wednesday, Crawford and another juvenile were charged with murder. Police say Crawford confessed to beating his former roommate to death.

Crawford's mother says she knows there's a long road ahead, but in the meantime she has this message for Braddock's family.

"I'm very sorry that my son has done this, and I hope that one day they can forgive him, but right now all we can do is pray," Charlene Willeby said.

Willeby and Crawford's sister Samantha knew something wasn't right from the beginning.

"I knew he was hiding something, there's just something moms know. I know my child," said Willeby.

His sister Samantha became suspicious when her brother made a comment to her after Braddock's death.

"When we walked outside he said ‘I helped kill Kevin' and I was like what and he said ‘I'm just kidding' and nothing else was said," Samantha told us.

Apparently he wasn't kidding.

On Monday, Crawford told police he struck Braddock over the head with a stick until he heard a "crunch".

"He just said he did it, and by the time he talked himself out of it- it was too late," Willeby said.

Crawford was already in jail for a burglary charge. After his confession, our cameras were rolling when he took investigators to a field near the scene of the crime.

Detectives were seen carrying items in evidence bags, including one about the size of a baseball bat. Police wouldn't say if that item was the weapon.

We asked Willeby for her reaction as a mother. "I just lost my baby," she cried. "I just lost my kid for so many years."

Samantha said the news was hard to hear.

"I still don't want to believe it but I have to," she said.

Police say a juvenile was also involved.

According to the arrest warrant, the two teenagers wanted money for drugs. 

The warrant doesn't go into detail of the other teen's actions that led to his murder charge.

Police aren't releasing the other suspect's name because he is 17, but he was 16 at the time of Braddock's murder.

We're still working to determine if his case will be treated as a minor or an adult.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 reached out to Braddock's family for their reaction to the charges, we're awaiting their response.

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