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Dr. Yeomans encourages mothers to "Think 39"

My daughter, Morgan, is 36 weeks along and hoping for an early delivery.  It was timely today when our guest on HealthWise at 5 came with an important message, which is to think 39 weeks.

Dr. Edward Yeomans, Chairman of Obstetrics at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center says "Think 39" is the slogan for the March of Dimes.  It's to encourage pregnant women to do what they can to keep from delivering before the 39th week.  He says it's really important what happens to babies when they get to the final four.

"Recent research has disclosed that babies brains nearly double in size in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  The lungs continue to develop as do other organs.  The closer you can get to your due date, and the current pitch is to get 39 weeks, the better off the baby will be."

We're trying to be patient, but I'm a lot more comfortable than Morgan is right now. Don't know if it's a girl or a boy this time. We'll keep you posted.

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