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HealthWise at 5 From 1.19

  • Cystalens

Patients with cataracts usually end up with only far or near vision after having a traditional lens replacement, and then need eyeglasses for the rest. A new lens implant, however, restores vision at all distances. The Crystalens Intraocular Lens Implant by Eyeonics is the first that adjusts for near, far and in-between vision. The Crystalens design incorporates tiny hinges that work with a muscle in the eye that controls focus. For physician and additional information, ( click here).

  • Muscle Breaks

Building muscles works better when you take a break between aerobic exercise and strength training. A study at the University of Victoria in British Columbia looked at the importance of intervals between cardio and strength training. They found that a break of 24 hours provided optimal weight training performance, while breaks of four and eight hours reduced the number of reps study participants could do.

  • Coughing Consequences

You've heard them standing behind you, and maybe you're one of them - a cougher! A recent survey by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare finds that while most people know cold germs are spread by coughs, fewer realize that flu and bronchitis germs are spread more often by coughing than sneezing. According to the survey, most people think a cough is an inconvenience, though a third admit it disrupts their work. Another third say they're sure they got sick due to a coughing co-worker.

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