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Potential City Manager Candidate Touring Hub City

One of the most recognized and accomplished city managers in the state of Texas is interested in the Lubbock City Manager job. Lou Fox of San Antonio has decades of experience in city government. Fox, was in Lubbock on Monday to tour the city, meet the city council and learn more about the vacant city manager post.

Fox for Lubbock City Manager?
Lou Fox is on a whirlwind tour of Lubbock. Will he be the next City Manager?
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Fox is already familiar with Lubbock, actually he used to teach at Texas Tech. He spent most of his day with Mayor Marc McDougal. We're told McDougal showed him the growth in south west Lubbock, and the start of growth in north Lubbock. They drove around the east side of town to discuss the plans for development out there and throughout Overton as well. After lunch, McDougal tells us he took Fox to meet each city councilman individually. Then they visited the growing campus at Texas Tech.

NewsChannel 11 talked to Lou Fox on Sunday night, he said he's excited and very interested in learning more about our city manager position. "I'm very interested. I think Lubbock's a great city, it has a lot of potential and I think I can add a lot", Lou Fox said.

NewsChannel 11 also talked to Mayor Mark McDougal who told us Fox has specific experience dealing with some of the issues Lubbock is struggling with. "He has some electric experience and some water experience and so he has a lot of experience and brings a lot to the table and he's one of the most respected city manager's in the state," said Mayor McDougal.

"He's quite a gentleman. I knew him years ago when I was on the Texas Municipal League. He has a record. He's made outstanding things happen in Texas," said City Councilman TJ Patterson.

On Monday night Fox will attend the men's basketball game. On Tuesday the City Council is expected to meet behind closed doors. On the agenda? To interview Fox formally for the city manager position. If the majority agree Fox is the man for Lubbock, an announcement of a new city manager could come as early as the same day.

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