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Fox for Lubbock City Manager?

"When it came up I said, 'Wow," said Lou Fox, as surprised as anyone when the position of City Manager for Lubbock presented itself as a career possibility.

The former City Manager of San Antonio is mulling the idea of assuming the same job in the Hub City. It's an opportunity that's taken shape faster than a West Texas dust storm. How long has this been in the works? "Only about a week," smiled Fox.

Potential City Manager Candidate Touring Hub City
Lou Fox of San Antonio has decades of experience in city government. Fox, was in Lubbock to tour the city, meet the City Council and learn more about the vacant city manager post.
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Escorted by the mayor, Fox took in the Red Raiders, their warm up paralleled by his own introduction to the city council. "I met with most of them and kind of tested the chemistry," he said. And so far, he's received flying colors. "Quite a fellow," said Councilman TJ Patterson, the catalyst in the Fox, Lubbock equation. "I know the brother and I can only say good things," said Patterson.

As for goals and objectives? "Lots of challenges, particularly in the area of economic development, the roadway system, and all the water needs and electric issues. I like challenges. I think this is a do-able job," said Fox.

What's next is to see if the city council can unanimously agree to hire Fox. A task they found un-do-able over the past 9 months and 62 other candidates. But what sets Fox apart say sources, is his extensive experience, including San Antonio, Orange, and his exuberance for Lubbock. "Go Texas Tech," Fox smiled.

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