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Elderly man sues LPD officer, for shooting and 'cover up'

Willie Williams Willie Williams

An elderly Lubbock man filed a civil rights lawsuit against a Lubbock police officer Friday afternoon.

Back in late September, police were investigating the report of a burglary next door to the residence of Willie Williams, 90, at the Parkridge Place Apartments.

Police said at the time that Williams fired a shot out his kitchen window at police. Williams family said at the time that perhaps he mistook officers for a burglar. Police have previously said that an officer returned fire.

Friday's court documents identified the officer as Curtis Fish.

But now, Williams' lawsuit says it was the other way around. He claims that officers shot at him and he returned fire. A police call sheet is attached as an exhibit to the lawsuit. In two places the call sheet seems to indicate that police shot Williams first and he then returned fire.

Williams recovered from a gunshot wound to the throat and a Lubbock County Grand Jury chose not to indict Williams. One officer reported a minor injury in the shooting.

The lawsuit claims that after shots were fired he was handcuffed so tightly that it injured his hands. It says in part, "Willie Williams suffered personal injuries as a result of force that was clearly excessive..."

Perhaps one of the most incendiary charges in the lawsuit is that officer Fish, "attempted to cover up the constitutional violations by filing false charges against Willie Williams to which a Grand Jury found no merit for indictment."

Williams had been charged for a time with aggravated assault of a public servant.

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