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The Search is Over: Lubbock Now has a New City Manager

"All in favor of the motion, I, those opposed? Motion carries 7-0", Mayor Marc McDougal addressing the vote for City Manager today in Council.

With that, it was official, Lou Fox is Lubbock's new City Manager. It's been almost a year since City Manager Bob Cass retired, and on Tuesday the council named his replacement.

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Lou Fox was offered the position after a 3-and-a half hour formal interview and discussion in executive session this morning. His hiring will be final after the details of a compensation package are worked out and standard background check is done.

Specifics of his salary have not been released, but NewsChannel 11 has learned Fox will be offered a compensation package worth around $258,000 a year. That includes salary and perks.

This morning's city council vote was unanimous, but not without discussion.

Lou Fox said he searched his soul and decided he wanted to work in public service again, he says this opportunity is going to be challenging but he's ready. "I'm excited. I think there is certainly a challenge with any community. I've learned a lot about Lubbock in the last day and a half and I've had some material sent to me describing the water, and electric and the development going on. Quite frankly there's some challenges but I'm excited about it."

"Certainly I think everybody on the council is very excited. It's a big day not only for the City but for the Council to get somebody of Mr Fox's stature with his experience and knowledge is huge for the Council and the City," said Mayor Marc McDougal.

The decision didn't come easy at first, Councilman Victor Hernandez had a few concerns about the speed of the process, and the fact that Fox was the only candidate presented to the council. But he said he had no qualms with his qualifications. "My initial inclination was not to vote in favor of you for those reasons but I believe that because it is in the best interest of the City to move forward and put issues behind us. I will support you, I will ask my community to support you. But I will tell you that I am concerned that this council will let you do your job," said Hernandez.

"I've heard the stories of micro managing, but what I'm guessing is that in times of transition when your dealing with interim's there is a chance for the governing body to come in and get involved because they want to find out what's going on and we'll work through that," Fox said.

Fox says he doesn't have instant solutions for Lubbock's water and utility issues, but he's ready to get started.

"When it gets down to it it's all about people, and he has over thirty years of experience working will people," said Councilman Gary Boren.

"I'm tickled to death that he's going to come on board with the citizens of Lubbock. He'll take us to the next level," said Councilman Jim Gilbreath.

Mayor McDougal said as soon as Fox starts they will schedule a goal setting session, to get their priorities in line. Fox is scheduled to start in 30 days, however his son is a senior in high school in San Antonio so his family will be commuting for awhile.

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