More fog, chilly temps in forecast

After a round of storms this morning, fog and a few more showers and storms are likely until midnight. After midnight, slow clearing with some patchy a.m. fog, then windy and warmer as highs will move back to the 60s for all of the area. Lows will be chilly, in the 30s for the south plains Tuesday morning.

A short, cool (no pun intended) animation of this year's La Nina has been posted by the Environmental Visualization Laboratory of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). I've written before about the La Nina and last winter, how it waned and we saw a brief slight shift to slightly above average Sea Surface Temperatures(SSTs), then how the equatorial Pacific rapidly cooled, leading to the onset of another La Nina as we head into next winter. You can see it in the animation here:

where the lack of color (white) indicates near average SSTs, red above, and blue below. Note the blue wave feature along the equator at the beginning of the animation, January (note time scale lower left). Then a transition to white and red in April, with near to slightly above average temperatures through July. Finally a rapid reversion to below average SSTs in August. The strength of the La Nina is currently characterized as weak. It is expected to continue through the winter.

Drive carefully and remember that LOW beams are best in the fog.

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