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City Pothole Patrol Out in Full Force

Road crews are working overtime to keep you from having a bumpy ride on city streets. Recent wet weather was much needed here in the Hub City but it's also to blame for hundreds of pot holes on Lubbock streets.

First we want to explain exactly what causes these pot holes. Moisture, like the rain we saw over weekend, leaks into the cracks in the road. That water creates a soft spot under the surface and as drivers go over and over the soft spot, chunks of the concrete start lifting.

On Wednesday, the City Pothole patrol started early, and we're told they'll be working late. Meet Leonel Garza and Pat Garza. They are one of many pot hole patching crews working over time in Lubbock this week.

"We had a hole here about two feet in diameter so we got to square it off to the base so we can fix it," Leonel said.

The process is a thorough one, and sometimes time consuming depending on the size of the hole. "We break it up, square it off, clean it out, seal it. Then put the hot mix on top of it. Then pack it down with a packer," said Pat.

And with three days of solid moisture, the city is getting calls about pot holes all over town.

"Yesterday we did 115 holes, so it keeps a two man crew pretty busy." Is it dangerous for cars to hit holes? "Oh yea if you hit it, it can hurt your car your front end alignment. That's why we've got these trucks constantly on the streets," said Leonel.

But while these guys are working around the clock to protect drivers, they're hoping drivers will ease up on the gas and give them a brake. "Yesterday we took a good bath on 98th and University. There was water all around us and we had our cones out so traffic was going on either side of us and we had some people just driving crazy through there and we got a good bath early," Pat says.

If you spot a pot hole you are encouraged to call it in, that number is (806) 775-2606 . We're told Lubbock streets have so many pot holes that the City has doubled its crews and is working them overtime to patch those potholes before they become major road hazards.

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