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The Donut Express: Does It Work?

How about making fresh donuts at home? Well, you might just be able to with the Donut Express. The Donut Express lets you make delicious donuts without the fat and calories too, but wait a minute Does It Work?

For under $20 you're package comes with three non-stick baking pans. It's time to make the donuts.

After making my homemade batter, I greased up the pans and poured the batter. Now remember, the instructions said that these are less fattening because regular donuts are fried. These donuts you actually bake for exactly ten minutes.

While that was cooking, I was stirring up something sweet. The glaze. Chocolate glaze. Looks good! Meanwhile, back at the oven...

The donuts are ready! But there's only one problem. Remember that non-stick pan the makers bragged about? The donuts didn't come out very well. In fact, I had to resort to scraping the donuts out of the pan! Even the second pan of delectable objects I was craving!

The donuts were crumbled into pieces. Some managed to stay together. But all in all, they didn't look very tasty.

But, I wasn't giving up just yet. I couldn't waste this chocolate dipping sauce. I'm afraid though, it was too late. No chocolate dipping sauce saved this mess. I think you're better off buying store bought because these didn't taste very good and they didn't look very good either.

The Donut Express Doesn't Work

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