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Karin McCay prepares her Thanksgiving dinner in the dishwasher

It's hard to believe I have never cooked a turkey, but this Thanksgiving, it's time.  Normally, we go to my mother's house, and she and Dad prepare the bird.  Since my daughter, Morgan, is expecting her second child any minute, we're staying close to home.  Coincidentally, I bought a small turkey at Holiday Happening last week. I was convinced it was perfect when the man at that booth whispered that his mother always cooks it in the dishwasher.  That sold me.

HealthWise tonight, this story was narrated from my kitchen. You could say I had to deal with a few "hecklers".  While I was testing the bird at home, my editor, Jordyn Nelson, was at the South Plains Mall getting some reaction from shoppers to see what they thought about preparing a Thanksgiving turkey in the dishwasher.

"I don't believe it."

"It will probably taste like soap."
"That doesn't sound very safe."

The nice thing about this is I don't really need a cutting board, but it is a turkey, so I'll use one.  I don't need the oven either, which is really nice because I can wear long sleeves and not get hot in a hot kitchen.  All I need is my dishwasher.

"I'm hoping it's a brand new dishwasher."

Since I always say it's important to wash your hands, I'm going to wash mine.  It doesn't really matter because I'm not going to touch the turkey.  Besides, we're going to wash it for about an hour in the dishwasher.

"Put it in the oven!"

This turkey is in a tight, tight bag, which you don't want to take off.  There are no directions for dishwashing on this turkey. Actually, it's very complicated.

This is what you do:

You open the dishwasher.  You open the rack.  You take the turkey, and you put it on the rack.  You close the rack.  So far, I'm doing great. You close the dishwasher. You clean up your unused cutting board.  Then you turn on the dishwasher.


"You go, Karin!"

So many decisions when you look at the choices on the dishwasher: Do we want a sanitary wash? An anti-bacterial wash?  A pot scrubber? A normal wash?

I'm not sure this is normal.

"It doesn't sound safe at all."

At this point, I was a little concerned that I might get some people sick, or worse, and maybe I'd get arrested for bad advice.

I was uplifted by the comments from two mall shoppers;

"I think you really have to put something else in there." (that came from a man)

That's when I decided to add some green beans in the dishwasher, but I dropped them first into a vacuum sealed bag.  Then I put them on the rack next to the turkey.

l definitely would put it in the dishwasher."   (that came from a woman who looked like a good cook…)

That's when I decided to go with the normal setting, and I pushed the button to start the dishwasher. Finally, my turkey is steaming, so all I can do is wait.

"I heard of a fish getting cooked in the dishwasher."

That's encouraging! So, I checked out the possibilities on the internet, and found that even Lasagna is a dishwasher favorite. I guess I'll have to try that next time.

"I think that's kind of crazy."

Finally, my steamer is ready.  My turkey looks beautiful.   A taste test proves it is very moist.

"I just can't imagine it.

It was time to try the green beans steamed in the dishwasher.

After taking a bite, all I could say was "crunchy." (maybe they needed a second cycle.)

"I wouldn't dare try the dishwasher."

So, we're going to say the turkey works. This is a pre-cooked turkey and in that case, you can steam it or heat it up quickly in the dishwasher. So, it's very moist for Thanksgiving.  Sadly, this is the McCay family turkey for Thanksgiving.  So, it's just going to be leftovers tomorrow, unless Morgan has her baby.  In that case, we'll be eating our Thanksgiving meal in the hospital cafeteria!

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