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Texas Tech Wants YOU to Graduate in Four Years

Starting this fall, college students at Texas Tech could save about $20,000 on their education. It's in the form of a four year contract, that could break the trend of the average student spending five and a half years in school.

At a press conference Thursday, Texas Tech President Jon Whitmore announced his plans to lower the cost of education, even though tuition rates are higher than ever. The plan is to offer a four year contract, that freshman and the Provost would sign, agreeing to stay on a four year plan. The student would have to take a full load of classes every semester and in return the University will make sure the required classes were available.

"If the University failed to do what it said it would do as part of the bargain we would either allow the student to petition to substitute and appropriate course. Or that we would wave that particular requirement," says Jon Whitmore, TTU President.

Or if that doesn't work then the University will pay for any classes the student had to take after the four years. "I believe this is the first such plan in Texas and it is intended to do one major thing, and that is to lower the cost of education to our students overall. On average our students take 5 and a half years to graduate. And yet most of their curriculums are designed for them to graduate in four years."

NewsChannel 11 hit the campus to see what students think of the new contract.

"I think it's definitely a great thing because people need to graduate in four years. All the friends I know take five or more years," Kyle Duke, a TTU student said.

"I think it's a pretty good idea because the classes fill up pretty fast here and you can't get into what you need to graduate and it can be pretty upsetting", Taryn Beasley, a TTU student said.

If a student fails to hold up their end of the contract there is no consequence, other than the student paying for more school than necessary.

More than 40% of Tech students take 12 hours or less a semester, which is the minimum required to be full time. This contract would mean they'd have to take one more class a semester, or go to summer school to stay on tract to graduate in four years.

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