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Apartment fire Sunday evening in Central Lubbock


At least 10 people are without a home after a fire ripped through a south Lubbock apartment complex Sunday night.

Firefighters were called to the Terrace Apartments near 59th and Avenue P at 7:45 p.m. Neighbors reported hearing popping sounds near a shed that contains the HVAC unit.

No one was hurt, but the Red Cross is providing emergency shelter to two of the four families affected. A small dog was found unconscious but fire crews were able to resuscitate the puppy.

All four units of one building were damaged to some extent by fire, smoke, or water.  A representative of the Fire Marshal's office was called out to investigate. 

The fire department says it started on the outside of the building inside a fenced courtyard.  Most of damage is on the outside of the building; however, firefighters say there is plenty of smoke and water damage on the inside.

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