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Is Soda Causing a Calcium Crisis Among Kids?

Are our kids in a calcium crisis? It sounds like it when you look at new numbers that compare the milk drinkers of our parents generation to milk consumption among our kids today.

Thirty years ago, people drank slightly more milk that sodas, but today, people drink two times as much soda than milk...and our kids are already paying for it.

Elizabeth Zaley, an MD with the University of New Mexico says, "If you're drinking a soda pop, you're not drinking a glass of milk and it's possible that the acidity of the soda pop may be negatively impacting your body's ability to absorb and retain calcium."

A Mayo Clinic study reveals that it's this lack of calcium in meals today that is to blame for an increase in orthopedic problems in America's youngsters. That in the past 30 years, fractures in girls have gone up 56% and 32% in boys.

Some would argue that's just because kids are more active today, but more researchers are turning the blame instead to the popularity of soft drinks which leads to a huge deficit in calcium at just the time when kids need calcium the most in their adolescence.

Researchers aren't just worried about more kids in casts, but instead, that our children are going to end up with osteoporosis in record numbers and sooner as they age.

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