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Mother of Man Shot in Face Speaks Out

"Satan is busy, he's very busy," said Sandra Daniels. Wednesday, she went through hell. Her 22-year-old son, shot in the face, was found ten feet from his mother's door.

"Did you think he was dead?," she was asked. "At first I did, yes," she said. "Because when we tried to lift him up to see where the blood was coming from, it was so much that it started pouring out on the sidewalk. So that's when I woke up my daughter in the house and told her to call 9-1-1, he'd been shot, we don't know where in the face, he's been shot, but, he's losing a lot of blood," she said.

Two assailants, both still on the loose. Sandra doesn't wanting her son's picture shown for fear of future attacks. Authorities are considering a motive of reprisal for an earlier altercation. Whatever the reason, Sandra waited anxiously as doctors worked on her son for two hours. "After the surgery the doctor told me that he had a hole in the side of his face the size of a golf ball," she said.

The family thinks they know who did it, and are working closely with police. "My son had been threatened, so when this happened we automatically knew," she said.

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