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Teacher You Can Count On: Madeleine Taylor

The shuffling of feet is what you hear in Ms. Madeleine Taylor's ninth grade biology class. Madeleine is a teacher at O.L. Slaton Junior High, and she's this week's Teacher You Can Count On. She keeps her students on their toes, and they do the same for her.

Lucky for Madeleine Taylor she's active -- biology class is like a workout.

"I don't mind walking around. In fact, I rarely do I ever sit. That chair behind my desk is just there to take up space," says Madeleine, a ninth-grade biology teacher at O.L. Slaton Jr. High.

But she doesn't mind all the moving around. In fact, she keeps her students on their toes all day long. Some students are working one on one with Ms. Taylor, others working on Power Point presentations, and some at their desks.

"When we take notes, we don't jut take notes. She like does it with a Power Point and then she tells us stuff that's interesting that's not exactly with the notes but that she knows," says ninth grader Ethan Busby, one of Madeleine's students.

"You're engaged to learn more. She just makes it a lot more interesting than some of the teachers that I've had in the past," says Leann Gallagher, another one of Madeleine's students.

"I'm a fairly laid back teacher and where maybe another teacher would like to have a very quiet classroom, I'm kind of completely the opposite," says Madeleine.

It's just a great learning environment. She makes class very relaxed but also fun.

"I am quite a bit of a clown. So they -- these (students), are quite a bit of performers, and so they like to see [that]. Especially, they don't really expect that from a teacher," she says. "So, I do get their attention because they're always trying to figure out, 'What's she's going to do now?' you know. They're just like, wow I'm a crazy person."

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