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Pay It Forward: Tom Beauchamp pays it forward 11.28

Tom Beauchamp Tom Beauchamp
Willy Hernandez Willy Hernandez

If you had $300, who would you give it to?  KCBD NewsChannel 11 hit the streets of Lubbock in search of our next "Pay It Forward" playmaker.   We set up in South Central Lubbock near the intersection of 50th and Avenue Q.

We waited for over ten minutes as we held our famous "Pay It Forward" sign near this busy intersection.  People honked and people stared, but no takers right away.

After ten minutes, we finally found our first playmaker. Tom Beauchamp took us up on our offer to "Pay It Forward" after seeing me holding our sign. His first choice involved a family member, but there are only two rules involved with "Pay It Forward"

1) It CAN'T be a family member
2) You only have ONE hour to accomplish the act of kindness

Tom had to choose another person, so we walked across the parking lot and found a gentleman sitting in his car waiting for someone inside. Tom decided to help out a complete stranger named Willy Hernandez.  Willy accepted the random act of kindness saying, "I will buy gifts for my grandchildren for Christmas."

Tom expressed happiness in helping a complete stranger and Willy was thankful too.  Willy wanted to express his gratitude by saying, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!"

Be on the lookout for or "Pay It Forward" sign soon.  You may be the next person who helps us "Pay It Forward!"   

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