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Strip Club Permit Re-filed in Lubbock County

In early January, Lawrence Cannon, the club's future operator, withdrew his application to open up a strip club in Southeast Lubbock County before the appeal process was complete. NewsChannel 11 has learned Cannon filed his application again. We talked to the owner of the property where Cannon wants to build. We talked to Bobby Cannon, brother of the man who wants to build a strip club in Southeast Lubbock County. And we've been told two different stories.

Corpus Christi businessman Lawrence Cannon has filed his strip club application with Lubbock County again. He re-filed last Friday and according to Cannon's application, it's for the same piece of property as last time.

NewsChannel 11 wasn't able to talk with Lawrence, but we talked to his brother, Bobby Cannon and asked him why? He told us over the phone someone with the Lubbock County District Attorney's office told Lawrence Cannon to re-file. NewsChannel 11 learned that was true only because Cannon's application had defects in it.

Now that he's re-filed, the property owner says he has no intentions of selling the land to Cannon. McQueen realtors also told us that.

Now, the Stuarts are confused where this whole process stands. "We don't have an idea. We're getting conflicting information because, they say their not selling to them but why are they proceeding with all the permit application if they're not going to have the property?" The Stuarts question. They own a piece of commercial property where a Texas Tech student is living.

Initially, a Lubbock County investigator denied the strip club application. It would have been built too close to a 38-foot recreational vehicle that sits on the Stuarts land. It's also where the Tech student is living, but Cannon appealed saying a 38 foot R.V. is not a residence.

Meanwhile, the Lubbock County Commissioners signed changes to a Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance today (Monday). Just one business day after Cannon re-filed his application.

"Our regulations were enacted a number of years ago. The laws have changed. The application we did have has brought about grey areas, and we needed to address those," said James Kitten, Lubbock County Commissioner.

Specific changes include defining what a dwelling is. That includes manufactured homes, trailer parks, campgrounds, or any building or structure used for residential purposes, which includes R.V.'s.

We asked the county investigator what will happen with the application. He said he'll deny it again. Bobby Cannon told us if they aren't granted a permit for the strip club, his brother plans to sue the county.

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