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Illegal Dumping May Be Moving to Your Neighborhood

Illegal dumpers are sinking to new lows. On Tuesday morning, the city discovered a rather large illegal dump site where people have come to dump off all sorts of items like, appliances, tires, even a boat here. Now, the city of lubbock is asking for your help in tracking down the dumpers.

"This furniture, that recliner, this looks like somebody pulled right here, dumped it and took off," says Jaime Coy, with City Codes. The newest discovery in the illegal dumping ring, found in Lubbock. Among at least a dozen other sites, Coy says this one is the first to show up in West Lubbock.

Coy and his partner, Environmental Specialist, Zach Holbrooks, map out where illegal dump sites are located. Coy says the trend in finding dump sites only in East Lubbock has come to an end. A call from a concerned resident reports a new site on the other side of town. 

"We get calls like this and you come out to places like this you know find out the information from the property owner things like that you can find out in a matter of two minutes that it's turned into a dump site," says Coy.

Despite placing surveillance cameras at dump sites and running public service announcements to discourage dumpers, these efforts are only working in some areas. While in others more dump sites are popping up. "They range from North Lubbock to NE lubbock to alleys in the middle of Lubbock and now beginning in West and SW lubbock."

These sites are not only eye sores, the problem is they often contain dangerous chemicals and hazardous items."When trash accumulates and items people dispose of improperly you'll have harborage for rats, rodents and insects," says Holbrooks.

Fines for illegal dumping start at $200. The city has a hotline set up to report illegal dumping.  You can call (806) 775-DUMP to report or file an anonymous complaint. As for this new dumpsite here well the city will start an inestigation and possibly set up a surveillance camera out here in a few weeks.

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