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Out of This World Health Technology

One reason to send men and women into space, it helps us learn more about our bodies here at home, and that's what Jim Ray wants people to know.

Speaking for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and someone who has MS himself, he says the space suits worn by astronauts are helping some patients with MS. Because they help lower body temperature but keep body energy levels up.

"Most people with MS are heat sensitive and keeping cool helps, without it, I might slow down, slur my words, stagger or fall down," say Jim.

Other examples of space science is the Smart Probe. A system NASA first developed to take a closer look at the geology of planets is also used now to examine breast tissue without surgery.

There's more. Space science is helping doctors monitor the health of a fetus, and use three dimensional imaging to detect tumors. Right now, some of the technology developed for the Mars Rover project may one day be used to help blind people sense distance and objects.

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